Friday, August 17, 2012

His and Hers - As You Like It

Dody and Jerry Cowan

If you listened to shortwave in the 1960s and 1970s, no doubt you came across a wildly popular request program hosted by a husband and wife team.  "His and Hers" was hosted by Canadian Jerry Cowan and his lovely Dutch wife Dody and broadcast to the world via Radio Nederland, the Dutch World Broadcasting System.  Every Tuesday they would read letters, play requests, and make the listener feel as if they were a guest in their living room.  I was a devoted listener and always wondered what happened to these old radio friends.  I heard that life had taken each of them in a different direction, that they had divorced, and that Jerry returned to Canada.  Then I heard that Dody had died.

Much like Mark Twain, rumors of her death had been greatly exaggerated.  Glen Hauser announced in his MT column that Dody was alive and living in France under the name Deborah Rey.  She had a blog, an email address, and was on Facebook.  I had to speak to her to talk abouit the old days and new projects.

And so we spoke.  The conversation was aired on my WBCQ program of July 20, 2008 and can be heard here.

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